January 28, 2020

What's been happening at Cubbi?

This week, I’ve taken over the blog to bring you the latest updates from Cubbi HQ in Cremorne (Richmond’s lesser known sister suburb in Melbourne). We’ve had lots happening and there’s plenty more on the way.


Here’s a few updates on what’s been happening behind the scenes.

The Cubbi team has grown! Just over a month ago I joined the Cubbi Crew in operations & growth as a dedicated set of hands to grow and nurture our community of landlords. It’s been great getting to know some of our new and long-time Cubbi landlords and it already feels like I’ve been part of the Cubbi family forever!

Our developer Max and the team have been working on the new Cubbi web platform (commonly referred to as Cubbi 2.0) which is all about improving the process for landlords managing their tenancies on Cubbi. New features include viewing and approving rental applications on your Cubbi portal and instant ad publishing for previously approved users. We’ll be slowly rolling this out over the next few months.

New tenant screenshot

Co-founder, Michael was recently invited onto the Thinker Girls radio show to talk about Cubbi. He was momentarily thrown off when they compared Cubbi to the dating app Bumble (which, as a married man, he had never heard of!) but he recovered well and gave Cubbi a great wrap up! Take a listen to the clip here.

As part of our focus on building the Cubbi presence in our local neighbourhood - Richmond, Cremorne, and South Yarra - we came up with some fun cards to deliver in the area.


If you haven’t been on our Facebook page in a while you might not have seen the Cubbi Story video featuring co-founders and brothers, Michael and Jason Gilbert, talking about how Cubbi came to be and what their plans are for the future. Like our page while you’re there!

Now that we’ve reached the depths of winter and working in a converted warehouse in Melbourne with no heating we decided it was high time we invested in some Cubbi hoodies. I can confirm they are exceptionally warm and cosy!


I hope you enjoyed the little sneak peak behind the scenes at Cubbi HQ. That’s all for now folks.

Have a stellar weekend!

Nat x