January 28, 2020

We Now Connect You and Your Tenant Together Online

A few years ago when Michael and I sat around the kitchen table discussing rentmyestate, we talked about the real estate industry and how terrible the renting experience was for owners and tenants. Things were very manual, with a lot of double handling and too much room for error on both sides.

It needs to be better. It can be better, even enjoyable for both you and your Tenant. That’s where we think technology and the Internet will allow us to completely reinvent the way you manage your property.

Fast forward 3 years…

We are now very excited to announce an important milestone for us and the industry. It’s time we connect you and your tenant online.

Yes, you can now invite your Tenant into Cubbi.

We’re in the early stages but let me explain how it can help you now and what to expect in the future.

Communication all in One Place

This is the big one… You can communicate with your tenant all in one place through Cubbi.

Communcate with your Tenant in one place

It’s a great way to receive maintenance requests too. So now if something goes wrong, you’ll be able to go back to your discussions at anytime and prove what was said and when. No more spending hours trying to find all those separate emails or trying to remember what was said over the phone.

It’s very easy to message each other. Whenever you receive a new message you’ll get an email alert. You can reply straight back from the email (if that’s convenient for you) or click the link to reply straight back from the mailbox within Cubbi, either way all the messages will be kept safe and secure to refer back to from anywhere anytime.

It Adds a Professional Touch

Having tenants log into Cubbi gives a professional image when dealing with them directly.

For example sometimes tenants might think because they are going directly through the owner they think they might be able to get away with paying late or something. But when they know you have help and they see proof by having to log into Cubbi this will make them think twice before trying to cheat the system.

Save Time, Less Direct Contact

When your tenant logs in they’ll be able to see when rent is due and how much rent they owe.

Check to see how much rent is owing

You will no longer waste time with phone calls from your tenant asking “how much rent do I owe?” or “I remember I paid a little extra a couple of weeks ago, when do I need to pay rent again?”.

Tenants will also love it because they feel like they are in control. They won’t need to make a phone call and rely on you. They can just log in to see when rent is due or how much they owe. This is just so powerful.

Get Started and Invite Your Tenant In Now!

You can add your Tenant from the Rent tab. Enter their name and email and leave the switch on.

How to Invite your Tenant into rentmyestate

Your tenant will receive an email notification straight away to log into Cubbi. Once they are in they’ll be able to do all of the above.

If you already have an existing Tenant setup and tracking payments all you need to do is ask your Tenant to sign up to Cubbi and they’ll automatically be linked to your property. Done.

This is Only the Beginning

Over the coming weeks and months we’ll be making it even better. Your tenants will be able to login and print their own receipts so you don’t have too. We’re also talking about ways to make the maintenance request process so much simpler for you. We’d love to hear your thoughts on what you’d like to see done. Write them in a comment below.

Simplify your renting experince today with Cubbi