Renting out property
January 28, 2020

Are you charging the right rental fees?

Rental Fees & Your Yield

The one factor that has the highest impact on your rental yield - rental fees, and this is often controlled by someone who often does not put your interests first, your agent. Sure, agents do get a percentage of your rental income, however they will often ignore market rates to ensure they can 'tick the box' to get your property on the market as soon as possible, and move on to the other 150 properties they are managing. They will most likely recoup their losses through other exorbitant fees throughout the tenancy.
This leaves you with lower yields that can result in thousands of dollars being lost throughout your mortgage.

Question Your Agents Motives

We have observed a decline in the service level of property managers and as much as we update our own Cubbi owners with latest and most accurate rental fees, we also encourage rental owners outside of Cubbi to fact check their rental agencies before they commit.
Luckily this is a free and simple service that gives you the most up to date estimates.

Check Your Rental Fees

To get started with your free rental fee evaluation, simply click the button below to get to our rental evaluation form.


Other Aspects to Consider

As much as keeping tabs on your rental fees can be a good indicator to see whether your investment is managed properly, understanding the rental yield is equally important to understand the performance of your rental. To calculate your rental yield, try Cubbi's rental yield calculator for free.
If you are interested in how Cubbi works and how we could improve rental management for you, feel free to visit Cubbi or subscribe to our email.