January 28, 2020

Now We Advertise on Domain

You asked for it, now we are doing it!

A lot of owners have asked us to advertise their properties on, so now we are doing it.

When we started Cubbi, we decided to give our customers the best options available. The fact is that is the best site in Australia for finding rental properties, so that is what we decided to offer. Domain is number two, but it still has a huge following and a lot of tenants use it.

You should use both. It’s like riding a mountain bike. There is a brake for both wheels; the rear brake will stop the bike, but not as well as the front brake. When you really need to stop RIGHT NOW, you grab both brakes!

The bottom line is that the more tenants who see your ad, the faster you are going to find great tenants to lease your house. Advertising on both and Domain is a powerful combination.

In May, 2014, accounted for 75% of all real estate site visits nationwide, according to The Australian. Industry data suggests that 67% of the people who visit don’t look at Domain, and 30% of Domain users will not bother with Taken together, it seems that if you use both, you are reaching around 97% of the renters looking for properties online.

No matter how the overall site competition is going, Domain seems to be winning in the mobile arena. Their app is cleaner, more user friendly and has an inspection planner, which helps organise open homes. Most of all, with 2.6 million downloads, tenants are using the app to find houses, so advertising on Domain is worth it just for the mobile exposure.

You don't need us to advertise on Domain, but it will cost you $191.60. We can get on Domain for a lot less, but not for free. So, we are going to have to increase our price. Our regular $150 package will increase to $180, but when you consider the big increase in value that you will be getting for just an extra thirty bucks, you’ll see it’s a no brainer.

If you do well having your house advertised on the largest real estate site in the country, you are going to do even better advertising on the top two! Along with Domain and, we are going to continue to run your ads on eight other sites, so your house will get exposure on 10 different real estate sites.

Everything we do here we hope will make your property management easier. With as many great owners as we are working with, we are able to keep costs down. Naturally, we will be collecting data on your ads, so with the addition of Domain, we should see some really interesting results. Everything we learn will help you find great tenants even faster!

Just to be clear, the only change we are making to the package is the addition of Domain. For a flat fee of just $180, your house will be seen on ten different real estate sites, including the two largest, for as long as it takes for you to find great tenants.