Renting out property
January 28, 2020

It’s time for your property manager to go!

If you haven’t been feeling the love from your property manager for a while, or you’re just looking to save money (aren't we all?!) by cutting down as many fees as possible, we’re here to talk you through how to give them the flick.

Let’s face it, confrontation is awkward, it ain't so easy to cut someone off in a professional sense especially if you’ve had a long standing relationship with them, but it doesn't have to be drama-filled. But this is your financial future we’re talking about! Don’t let a personal relationship blur the actual results your property manager is getting for you. We’re sure your property manager is a great person, but if they aren’t living up to your expectations, it’s time to find a better option.

Where could they be lacking exactly?

  • Dropping the ball on filling vacancies, if it’s taking too long that's money missed for you
  • Being proactive filling vacancies
  • Taking care to find great tenants
  • Are they responding to maintenance requests too slowly? That could mean more work for your and unhappy tenants who lose respect for you and your property eiikk
  • Being proactive, not reactive. For example they let you know the silicone on the shower seals almost needs replacing, it’s such a small item but it could stop water damage and more hassle for you!
  • Are they monitoring the market and suggesting rental increases where appropriate? This should be happening
  • Are they recommending tax depreciation schedules and guiding you through what you can and can’t claim? If not you could be missing out on massive tax savings

Simply put, they should be taking the emotion out of owning your property. They aren't just there to find you tennants, collect rent and carry out inspections - but the fact is, most property managers stick to this small list of responsibilities rather than having your back and teaching you about everything else that comes along with renting out your property.

Some of our Cubbi owners come to us before they made the clever decision to swap to Cubbi and many don’t even know that there is another way to rent out their properties apart from self managing of course, but let’s face it, that isn't everyone's cup of tea.

What's the first step?

The first step in your journey to cut your property manager out or swap to a new agent and start saving cash, is to decide that you want to do it. Decision made? Great!

Can I just fire them today?

Maybe, most likely you can wave them goodbye in 30 days, but it will depend on your contract and the terms you have in place with your current property manager. The great news? The contract you have is between you and the actual property manager, your tenant agreement is separate and their tenancy will not be affected. If you’re not sure what management terms you’re bound by, you can send a copy of your contract through to us using the form below and we’ll be able to let you know if there’s anything stopping you from saving yourself money asap - it’s as easy as that!

Ok, I’m ready to save $ let’s do this?

Here’s an itemised list of what you need to do next, lucky for you the whole process is really painless and simple. If you decide Cubbi is for you we’re here to guide you, we’ve got articles galore to cover any question you could possibly have and we’re constantly streamlining our platform to make it the most user friendly it can possibly be - less phone tennis, more wine, remember?! We’re also there to guide you through your whole switching process, even down to having a ‘getting started’ pack for your tenant once you’ve given them the low-down on what’s happening. Think of us as a virtual hand holder while you take more control over your own property. Ready to save? Just contact us below


Got more specific questions on the Cubbi platform? See our FAQ page here