January 28, 2020

Introducing a better way for landlords to conduct routine inspections

Routine inspections take time. Sending emails, writing up reports…all that jazz.

That’s why we’ve come up with a better way to do them.

More on that in a minute.

For now, it’s a good time to just think about what your inspections are for, and how to get the most out of them.

The short of it: routine inspections are used to make sure everything’s in order.

Is everything clean and tidy? Any maintenance issues? Do the tenants need something fixed, or maybe want something installed?

You know, those sorts of things.

It’s pretty obvious why you’d want to complete routine inspections every so often. The quicker you spot issues the sooner you fix them – which stops cheap problems from becoming expensive ones.

One more thing…

You also need to conduct routine inspections for landlord insurance.

Whenever you make a claim for landlord insurance, you need to show you minimised the chance of damage. That means conducting inspections and keeping reports. Many companies have a minimum number of inspections they want to see per year.

For example, Australian Landlord Insurance says inspections must be done at least yearly.

Australian Landlord Insurance

Another one: with EBM Rent Cover you need to inspect your rental property within six months of the tenant moving in, and at least yearly after that, if you want to make a claim for pet damage.

EBM Rent Cover

But completing inspections takes time.

You have to give proper notice, actually do the inspection, write a report etc…it’s intense.

Which leads to our new feature...

Routine Inspections by Cubbi

Take some of the work off your hands and make completing inspections a smooth, seamless experience. It just takes three steps:

1. First up, you get a notification when it’s time to schedule your inspection in Cubbi. Your tenant receives notice by SMS and email as soon as you schedule an inspection and again the day before the inspection.

2. You go - or send someone on your behalf - and conduct the inspection. Spend 15 minutes looking around and fill out the questions on Cubbi to complete the report - it’s quick and easy.

(Remember, this isn’t a condition report! It doesn’t need to be super detailed).

3. Your report is automatically saved in Cubbi and a message is sent to your tenants to confirm it’s been completed - including the results of the inspection so everyone is on the same page.

Now there is nothing more to do for 6 months.

How’s that for easy? (Please note: you must be a Cubbi Owner to access this feature.)

If you’re already a Cubbi Owner - you don’t need to do a thing. You’ll be reminded when to schedule your next inspection.

Got any other questions about routine inspections by Cubbi? Read more here.