January 28, 2020

How to Outsource the Headache of Moving

Moving is always an expensive, stressful and time-consuming affair. It’s one of those disruptive life challenges that can leave you feeling exhausted.

Don’t carry the burden on your own. Use these four tips to outsource some of the headache and mess of moving, so that you can get on with enjoying your new home.

1. Fix It First

At inspection, cast a critical eye over the space to identify any obvious urgent home repairs or cosmetic improvements that will need to be done. Are there plumbing issues or electrical problems? Or perhaps you want to give the space a fresh coat of paint?

If there are any major structural or functional issues that need to be addressed, let your landlord know immediately about the issue. For minor aesthetic improvements, don’t do-it-yourself unless you are confident that you can do the job right. Any home improvements should actually be improvements – not half-baked adjustments. Keep in mind as a tenant you can’t paint the walls or put hooks in without checking with your landlord first and getting their approval in writing.

Shop around for a reputable contractor – personal referrals and online noticeboards like Airtasker are the best ways to find the right person for the job. Before outsourcing the work to a tradesperson, do an online licence check to ensure that they have the appropriate licence for the job.

2. A Clean Slate

Nothing beats moving into a fresh, clean new space. But moving can be a grubby affair, what with the removalists traipsing dirt through your new home and the dust that tags along with your various possessions. Once the dirty business of moving is done and dusted, hire a cleaner to give the entire space a thorough clean, from top to bottom.

Even if you normally do your own cleaning, the post-move cleanup is one task you shouldn’t hesitate to outsource. Let’s face it – moving is stressful. If you start your first chapter in your new home with a nice, professionally cleaned slate, you won’t have to contend with those nagging cleaning chores – like cleaning the oven and washing the windows – for some time.

Before you move into your new place make sure you get all the utilities connected like gas, electricity and the water (they can even help with the phone and internet). The last thing you want is not having any power connected for move-in day. Use this fast and free utility connection service by and Cubbi. No lock in contracts and only takes about 2 minutes. Connect my utilities.

3. A Helping Hand On Moving Day

Moving house is a major operation. When the big day arrives, save your back and outsource the heavy lifting. Sure, you could do it yourself - but why put yourself through it? Save the wear and tear on your vehicle, and spare yourself the hernia-inducing stress of moving bulky items.

If it’s a small move, use a man-and-a-van service – most will lug your small loads for a reasonable price. If your home contents are more substantial, go with a reputable moving company and take out insurance.

Do your research before choosing a removalist. Shop around for the best quote and read reviews to ensure that you find a trustworthy company. There are countless tales of lost or damaged possessions - don’t become the next moving horror story.

4. Too Flat Chat For Flat Pack?

When moving, you usually need some new furniture to suit or fit the new space. Moving is already an expensive process so consider making some savings by choosing ready-to-assemble furniture.

If you compare the cost of assembled furniture with flat pack furniture, it’s not surprising that IKEA is so popular. DIY furniture is lighter on the budget - and flat packaging makes delivery cheaper and easier too.

But once you unpack those heavy boxes full of panels, screws, and bolts, it can be a bit overwhelming. Don’t struggle with all the bits and pieces. Recruit a local handyman to assemble your new furniture. Depending on the scale of the project, you can get the job done for under $100 – not much when you consider all the money you saved by opting for flat pack.

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