January 28, 2020

How to find tenants in 60 seconds

Use this guide on how to find tenants for any property in Australia, Cubbi can help with every step of the way by offering user-friendly tools all located in one place. Why wait another 60 seconds? Click here to learn more about Cubbi and start finding tenants today.


In the next 60 seconds, I’ll show you how to find tenants all the way through to handing over the keys using our system we designed with an owner’s needs in mind.

Get the price right

  • To price your rental property, jump on and compare your property with other properties on martket with the same number of bedrooms and bathrooms within a 1km radius, the closer the better.

Looking good and ready to go

  • Grab your mop and buckets and be sure the property is thoroughly cleaned and take care of repairs before advertising since some tenants may respond within hours of your ad being posted.

How to find tenants

After you’ve properly priced and made sure your property is in excellent condition for tenants to view, the next step is to find tenants.  I’ve found the following advertising tips the most helpful to reach out to your best tenants.

  • Advertise on - most used real estate site in Australia, basically “everyone” looking to rent a property will start here and there are several more real estate websites we offer that will further maximize your property’s exposure.
  • A quick tip when advertising on is to leave an air of intrigue for potential tenants by not posting too many photos in your ad.  Also, try to get a professional photographer or use a digital camera to take the best photos of your property.

For Lease Sign

  • When potential tenants have seen your ad on the websites they need to be able to find your property, for lease signs help people identify that your property is available for rent. For lease signs are also a great way to attract locals and gives your property a professional touch.

Property Brochure

  • Keep your property on the fore-front of people’s minds by giving them a full color brochure of your property during inspections.
  • Get the locals talking by attaching a plastic sleeve full of brochures to your for lease sign.

Get Social

  • To even further increase your tenant pool, you’ll want everything working.  With our free advertising on how to find tenants with just a click of a button you can effortlessly post your property ad to Facebook and Twitter for all your friends and family to see and share for free.  Great for repeat exposure!
  • By posting your property ad on social media, you’ll also benefit by creating a community of followers, more excitement, and a competitive edge.

Showing your home

  • Now that the phone is ringing hot, you’ll need to let people through your doors to see what's inside. If you're running short on time, open homes are a great way to get lots of people through your home at one time.  However, if you have something a little different or upmarket property, a personal one on one inspection may be better.
  • When showing people through your your home take notice of the following:  type of people they are,  if  they are likely to treat your home well, and if they offer to take their shoes off at the door - as this can be a sign of respect for your clean house.

Hand out applications

  • The rental application is the document used to collect personal information about the the people who want to move in so you can perform background checks.  Make sure every person over 18 who wants to move in completes an application form, regardless if they are going on the lease - you still want to know who they are.

Screening Tenants

  • Dig into your potential tenant’s history of paying rent on time by contacting their previous or current landlord.  Also, ask specific questions like if they paid rent on time or ever caused damage to the property. My favorite question, would you rent to them again?
  • Ensure they have given you proof of their income to ensure they’re financially stable enough to pay your rent week in week out.

Lock’em in

  • Within 24 hours of informing your new tenants you're happy for them to move in, get their first rent payment and the lease signed within the next 24 hours. If they pull out, you’ll still have time to fall back on your next favourite applicants.
  • Don’t let anyone move into your property without getting the bond paid in full first.

Don’t Settle!

  • Be picky by having high standards instead of settling out of desperation which will only give you nightmares in 3 months time.