January 28, 2020

Cubbi Vlog News

What we are all about is actually making change possible. The good kind of course, that enables a landlord and a tenant to live better and we can’t do that without you because the thing is we’re not the driver of change you’re the driver of change, you’re the rockstar we’re the facilitator, we’re that vehicle that helps us get there.

We have continued to listen to you right from the early days. Back in 2013 DIY landlords were screaming out just to be able to advertise their property on and Domain because you had to be a licensed real estate agent to do that so we launched a listing only service where you could just pay a flat fee to advertise on those major websites and you told us you wanted to keep that as it is and so we’ve kept that and you can still do that now today.

A few years back you were telling us that you didn’t want to use a realestate agent, you didn’t want to waste a lot of money on their fees you want to be able to do it yourself online so we released Cubbi a few years back that enables a landlord to manage their property online, without using an agent, saving on their fees.

We have continued to listen to you since we have realised that and update that service continually.

The other thing you have told us is that not all landlords are the same and tenants also have a lot of things that they would like as well. Tenants tell us that they want to be able to have more stability within the lease, they want to be able to feel at home and when they walk in the door after a hard day of work they want to feel like it’s their home, not just a rental property.

Not all owners want to be able to do it themselves a lot of owners just want nothing to do with it literally just get it done and they want to be able to rely on someone to actually do that. 

This is why in 2020 we are releasing Cubbi Home which takes the risk out of it from the owner and puts the risk back on us unlike a realestate agent. If you want to make an impact on the renting market sign up to Cubbi, we do continue to listen to you all the time and update our features and our products.