January 28, 2020

Cubbi Vlog News

Okay team let me tell you about a new renting concept that we have been working on and in fact we don't even call it renting we call it living.

It's a new product that we are bringing out in 2020 and we call it Cubbi home. Now what I am most excited about is that we are actually able to give home owners and residents what they really want. I should say, a homeowner is a landlord and a resident is a tenant.

From a residents perspective we are basically bridging the gap between renting a property and owning a property so there are a few things to get excited about. One you can stay as long as you like so you don't need to think about renewing the lease and you don't have to worry about somebody making you move out on their terms. As long as you keep paying the rent and looking after the property you can stay as long as you like.

Numbers two, is that you can actually make small little changes to the property so that might be painting a wall or putting in a garden bed. All within reason of course. Thirdly, we treat you like a person, not a second rate citizen. We are all equal here.

Now from an owners perspective it's a no brainer. So three things, its risk free, it's handsfree and it costs less than a traditional agent. Let me go over these things. The first one, risk free, we actually put ourselves in your shoes so we take on your risk for example the rent. We guarantee the rent even between tenants so you never have to worry about your tenant moving out and as far as damage is concerned we make sure your property is given back to you in the same condition from when you first plugged into the Cubbi home network. From a handsfree perspective you can literally do nothing. You can just choose your level of control and then you can watch it from your device. And of course yes we are cheaper than your traditional realestate agent.

Now you are probably thinking how we actually do this. We combine landlord insurance and property management under the same roof. We use technology, we use risk mapping, we create a positive environment that enables the tenant to feel at home and then they are more likely to actually look after your property.

Now if you are interested in checking out more goto For home owners you can sign up for early access and what mean is you get $250 off for when you are ready to go. For a resident sign up for early access now, check your eligibility and you can start building your trust score to move into a Cubbi home when you are ready.